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Never stray.

Nummist Media Corporation Limited was founded in 2014 with the goal of making an honest living in the sorcerous arts. We develop software that alters reality; it creates eye-popping illusions yet it is practical in establishing new ways for people to learn, communicate, work, shop, and take relief from stress or pain.

Our portfolio includes augmented reality (AR), computer vision, games, simulations, e-learning, and mobile apps. We are experienced with many frameworks and libraries, including Unity, iOS SDK, Android SDK/NDK, Vuforia, OpenCV, and Kinect for Windows SDK. We are licensed Wii U developers.

We provide software development, project management, and training services to clients in defence and aerospace, international development, advertising, retail, gaming, education, and healthcare. Whether you are looking to outsource your project or to have on-site consulting and training as you grow your in-house team, we are pleased to serve.

We are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with partners and clients worldwide.

For more information, contact Joseph Howse, President:

Recruiters, please note: We are not available to fill employee positions in other companies and we do not seek or refer candidates via third parties.